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Top PR Dogs

Many will recall the masterful way Steve Jobs fired up the public’s anticipation for Apple products by teasing about upcoming product launches. Elon Musk of Tesla fame plays a similar game using his Twitter feed to great advantage. Of course … Continue reading

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Electric Vehicles – has the consumer love affair grown old?

In the USA the electric vehicle press is dominated by upbeat stories around EV ownership and the joys of gas (petrol) free driving.  This however is no longer the full story… Recent research shows that of those EV owners who … Continue reading

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Tesla and the lame publicity stunt.

The more I discover about the legal case against Top Gear that has been brought by Tesla the more I suspect  that their goal is probably more about tapping into the 350 million people who watch Top Gear than anything else. … Continue reading

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Tesla – Noooooo

Well after my post yesterday on the underwhelming contribution of Tesla cars to the issue of climate change I didn’t imagine that I would be writing about Tesla again today. But I am…. Back in 2008 ‘Top Gear’ broadcast a … Continue reading

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Tesla hits Ten Million

It sounded very impressive yesterday when I read that the cumulative distance driven by all the Tesla cars in the world have reached 10 million miles (16 million kilometers). However, I couldn’t help reaching for my calculator and cranking out a few … Continue reading

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