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Smartphone All App’d Out?

Smartphone users in the United States spend more time using apps than ever before. On average, they spend more than 40 hours a month using their favorite apps. Meanwhile, the number of apps they use has plateaued since 2012. Research … Continue reading

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Millennials Value Reputation

Fast growth companies are always hungry for talent. Millennials are a prime component of the workforce and they will represent fully 40% of the total workforce by 2020, companies need to understand what motivates Millennials if they are to recruit … Continue reading

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Video Killed the Radio Star (and maybe one day the TV Star).

When the  Buggles sang that Video Killed the Radio Star….what better choice could there have been for the first ever music video to appear on MTV. Fast Forward 36 years! According to Neilsen the average American is still watching plenty … Continue reading

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