Millennials Value Reputation

Fast growth companies are always hungry for talent. Millennials are a prime component of the workforce and they will represent fully 40% of the total workforce by 2020, companies need to understand what motivates Millennials if they are to recruit and retain the talent they need to sustain growth.

According to Forbes 72% of Millennials would like to be their own boss. For most Millennials this means they can work when, where and how they like, providing they are achieving their goals. This desire is much more about lifestyle than work/life balance or work/life integration. If millennials like the idea of being their own boss, in an entrepreneurial sort of way, then it should be relatively straight forward for fast growth high tech companies to recruit them – right?

The answer is – perhaps. Because it turns out that reputation matters too. There are certain industries where some Millennials will not work, perhaps not surprisingly Oil and Gas is a sector that many Millennials would avoid, based solely on the negative image of that sector.

Millennials want their work to have a purpose, to contribute something to the world and they want to be proud of their employer. The brands that appeal to young people as consumers including those that stress their environmental and social record, are the same brands that appeal to them as employers.

Source: Statista


Bottom line your Employment Brand is critical.

Candidates evaluate company brands before applying for or accepting a job, much in the same way they evaluate consumer brands when shopping, Millennials will be researching you as much as you’re researching them. Clearly the company website is a strong tool for engaging talent but beyond that your whole online reputation is going to be under scrutiny. It doesn’t matter if you are B2C or B2B what candidates read and see about you online will have a strong influence on their opinion of you as an employer.

A smart PR agency will have the tools and expertise to stay abreast of what stakeholders are saying about your company on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. More importantly they can help you enter into a meaningful engagement that builds your reputation in a way that is truly authentic and helps attract the best talent.  While you focus on growing the business.

First published by Adrian G Stewart at OOKII.Company

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