Video Killed the Radio Star (and maybe one day the TV Star).

When the  Buggles sang that Video Killed the Radio Star….what better choice could there have been for the first ever music video to appear on MTV.

Fast Forward 36 years! According to Neilsen the average American is still watching plenty of television even if much of it is time-shifted content from cable and broadcast sources. In Q4 of 2014 the average American is watching about 149 hours of TV each month so about 5 hours per day typically.

However, that number is down from the 155 hours per month in Q4 2013. As you might expect watching video on the web is up three more hours each month compared to 12 months earlier.

Much of that content is high quality original web internet content created courtesy of big budgets shows such as Orange is the New Black and House of Cards.

"Orange is the New Black"  starring Taylor Schilling on Netflix.

“Orange is the New Black” starring Taylor Schilling on Netflix.



Meanwhile there is no accepted way of measuring this viewer leakage – so while people may be watching on mobile devices, advertisers are not prepared to pay for something that cant be quantified.

Bottom line TV watching still dominates – but the trend continues to mobile devices and so called OverTheTop content.

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