Ex Machina – the movie.

Battlestar Galactia  introduced us to Cylons – artificial beings created by man and determined to destroy man.

Number Six - a Cylon from Battlestar Gallactica

Number Six – a Cylon from Battlestar Gallactica





Ex Machina contemplates advanced machines that speak, move, think and feel. The prototype aptly named Ava has been developed by the creator of BlueBook, a billionaire search engine eccentric. He has programmer Caleb Smith flown in by helicopter to his remote lab. The purpose of his visit is to ‘test’ the creation and determine whether Ava has gained artificial intelligence.

Ava - from Ex Machina

Ava – from Ex Machina

Ava and Caleb bond and their interaction flourishes as the feminine bot demonstrates increasing physical and verbal repartee.  When Ava finds decommissioned earlier models of herself she fears for her own mortality, “Can I be switched off?”

Written and directed by Alex Garland. As the movie unfolds we wonder, who is testing whom?  You will have to go see the movie to learn if there is a conclusion to this warning tale…no spoilers here.

Here is the Ex Machina web site.

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