The Future of Advertising

Written by the Centre for Future Studies, the report predicts an advertising revolution taking place over the next 12 months. The CfFS report – commissioned by 3MGTG, a company specializing in digital advertising – preicts advertisements that adapt to our moods.

Named ‘Gladverts’ by the report’s authors. CfFFS envision a world where emotion recognition software (ERS) can tell if you are happy or if you are sad and then serve up an advertisement based on how you are feeling. NEC has  developed a system which can identify a person’s gender, estimate their age, and then serve up advertisements that would be most appropriate…well thats the theory at least. This targeted advertising may go a step further by combining your mood with information such as age, sex and interests,  powered by social networking profiles.

So whats the stae of play at the moment.

  • In Tokyo, an advertisement designed by NEC can work out your gender and make a guess at your age before serving an advert designed specifically for your demographic.
  • Cisco is working on technology that takes your image in store and lets you browse a store by virtually “trying on” clothes.
  • Levi’s are experimenting with ‘Facebook Connect’ – inviting customers to share personal information in return for a personalised shopping experience.
  • QR-Codes have become a popular system to enable people with smart phones to scan a part of a poster and receive extras – such as a voucher -immediately to their mobile.

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