AOL Project Devil – how good is it?

AOL has started rolling out its Project Devil. This new ad format improves the aesthetic quality and interactivity of advertising in ways that really do enhance the consumer experience. Project Devil offers a large creative canvas, divided into three panels, this allows advertisers to customize their content and functionality.

Each of the three panels includes media streams and applications such as video, slideshows, mapping, 3-D rotation, quizzes, polls, text messaging and more. Each ad is fully interactive, eliminating the need for consumers to navigate away from the page.

So just how good is it? ComScore conducted research with1,500 participants and here are the key findings;

  • Respondents spend an average of 18 per cent more time on a page when a Devil ad is present versus a standard 300×250 ad;
  • 65 per cent of respondents rated Devil ads as easier to understand;
  • 63 per cent said they felt better about the brand after viewing the ad;
  • 68 per cent said the ad made them want to buy the brand;
  • 58 per cent said the ad made the overall web page better.

Visit the Project Devil gallery to see how brands are using the new format to life. Personally, I quite liked the Lexus ad.

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