BP – Ad Campaign to Express Remorse

According to people that should know BP has commissioned a series of ads as it starts the not insignificant task of reairing its tarnished image.

Full page spreads have been booked in the press, as well as in magazines such as The Spectator, New Scientist Newsweek and The Economist.

BP has so far spent over  $12 billion on the clean up operation and committed a further $500 million on the funding of scientific studies to combat the impact of the spill.

Although the copy for the ad hasn’t been published yet the following is claimed to be close to the final version.

 “This was a tragedy that should not have happened. Our responsibility is to learn from it and share with competitors, partners, governments and regulators to help ensure it never happens again.”

The ad goes on to state that no further oil has leaked into the Gulf of Mexico since the well head was successfully sealed in July 2010 and that all beaches and 99 per cent of the waters have since been re-opened to the public.

This latest move follows a huge campaign in the immediate aftermath of the disaster which saw BP spending $5 million a week in America alone.

Storm in a Teacup

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