Will Smart Phones Kill Our Old friend e-mail?

Smart phones and their associated Apps are the hot new kids in town. e-mail which has been a faithful friend for almost 15 years has an uncertain future. One of the reasons e-mail has been so popular is its low cost and more recently the ability to measure effectiveness in quite sophisticated ways using multi-variate analysis of alternative campaigns.

In 2013 tech firms are estimating they will ship close to 650m handsets…this year alone they will ship one phone for every ten people alive on the planet. 3G is spreading faster than a common cold in a primary school.

What this all means is that e-mail needs to be born again on mobile devices if it is to remain an effective weapon in the marketing arsenal.

Here are some do’s

  • Create mobile content there are no excuses.
  • Plan meticulously and test exhaustively.
  • Use an agency if you don’t have great skills in house.

And some myths

  • One size content fits all – it doesn’t.
  • It almost looks right on some phones – almost is not good enough.
  • All smart phones are equal – nope, this years phones are much more powerful than last years phones.
  • A mobile campaign is all you need – wrong, you also need mobile content on your website.


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