The Return of Alfa Romeo

If you can remember The Graduate from 1967 you will know it featured….. the Alfa Romeo Spider an iconic red Italian sports car from a time when product placement was yet to be invented…..

FIAT have a 30% stake in Chrysler which will shortly climb to almost 50% and it is this new relationship that is encouraging FIAT to dip a toe back in the US auto market through its Alfa Romeo brand.

The bad news is that there will be no blood red Alfa convertibles to set our pulse racing…instead we will probably get a Sport Utility that is still in development……the good news they wont be here until 2013 so there is still plenty of time to save up our hard earned cash.

Much has changed since 1967 and I am just not sure that Americans mothers will want to use an Alfa for the scholl run given that the Alfa logo features a snake eating a small boy…..its true.

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