Believe it or not this is actually one of my weaknesses… my reason for writing about it here is because several people have read this embryonic blog and said to me me; “I would love to do that but….”

Here are the four most common reasons I hear for not taking action;

I don’t have enough time to do it at the moment…..

And guess what, you never will have. Its the rocks in the jar story…you have to start with the big rocks first….if you really want to write a blog or a book you will make the time.

I don’t have the money to get started…….

It takes less money than you think. I spend more on coffee than I do hosting this blog.

I’m not an expert…….

We all know some subject better than 90% of the population and once you are in that position you are an expert. In two years I learnt enough about breeding South American camelids to start a blog and publish a book. I wasn’t the world expert but I knew more than most people.

There are already other people doing that……

Great – I would be more worried if no one was doing what you wanted to do. A market can be endlessly segmented and new categories created.

Well I hope that helps move you closer to action.

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Senior executive with expert knowledge of all aspects of strategic marketing and a track record of creating sustainable competitive advantage. International management and leadership experience in both B2B and B2C organizations. Specialties:Strategic marketing management including; new product development, product life cycle management, business relationship management, market segmentation, marketing information systems, e-commerce and social media marketing.
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