The Big Day

Living as I do here in the USA, it has fascinated me to see the enthusiasm that has developed for the Royal Wedding this Friday.  It fascinates me because I am English and surely therefore my enthusiasm should be the greatest. Should it not?

I can see two big attractions; Firstly (and these are all generalisations) Americans love big weddings, after all this is the country where wedding planners were created. Fridays main event will be the biggest wedding this century and no one can out do the British Royal family when it comes to a wedding. The second reason is because Prince William is marrying a commoner and I believe this brings a lottery type thinking to the event “it could be you” – incredibly long odds perhaps but not impossible. Kate the descendant of coal miners will one day be the queen of England….. that is like winning the biggest lottery going.

According to Neilson Co.the Royal Wedding accounts for 0.20 percent of all news stories on the online versions of U.S. newspapers and magazines, compared to only 0.08 percent for U.K. outlets. This has been the case since the story broke. Back then, news stories about the nuptials accounted for 0.31 percent of all online news content in the USA, compared to 0.19 percent for the UK, Nielsen said.

However, when Nielsen researchers examined social media buzz, (blog posts and online message boards), the Royal Wedding at its peak accounted for 0.47 percent of all posts in the UK, compared to only 0.17 percent in the USA.

What does this all mean? I have absolutely no idea.

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