When we are confronted by a large array of alternatives we often rely on friends and family to help us make a choice. Now Google gives you that capability… a bit like Pre-Crime in the movie Minority Report with +1 from Google you get to tell your friends what you like before they even know they are going to ask your advice…how cool is that!  Okay its not quite that smart but you get the idea.

Googles new social button, is akin to Facebook’s “like”, enabling users to recommend its search results to friends. The new social button, called “+1”, appears next to search results and next to advertisements on Google, AdWords is unaffected.

+1 click can be shared with your friends on their Google Account and as a result any links recommended by friends will appear higher in search results. If your Google search results start to look a little weird then maybe you don’t know your friends quite as well as you thought you did!

The anonymous data from +1 clicks will be blended with public data, which Google will use to help calculate page relevance and ranking. The +1 button will launch across English searches on Google.com and will roll out across more languages in the future.

Google says it will also expand the use of +1 for websites to integrate the button on their own pages as well as in search results.

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