Positive Press Coverage is Critical to Start-Up Funding

Successful start-ups get funded when VCs are excited about the opportunity, and when the partner leading your investment has checked-off all the key risk factors associated with your future. Getting those boxes successfully checked requires meticulous preparation.

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Part of that preparation involves becoming desirable to the media and that requires more than a great product or service. Truth be told, no start-up has ever developed a product or service so unique it could actually sell itself. Believing your product or service is so innovative that the media will hunt you down for a story is a fantasy that simply isn’t going to happen.

Competition in the start-up space is fierce. Not only are there other early-stage start-ups desperately attempting to capture the attention of consumers and VCs — those start-ups are also battling with mature corporations who appear in the media every day.

Success requires the persuasion of the media, potential consumers and the inevitable skeptics. Voice, positioning, and differentiation are all part of an OOKII strategic public relations plan. Start-ups need PR support to make their brand more credible, to gain trust and to start building an emotional connection with future customers. To achieve this requires expert navigation, working with PR professionals who understand how start-ups and venture capitalists function can be your most certain route to success.

Start-up founders need to be industry experts, fully aware of their competition and totally convinced that their offering solves a customer problem in a superior manner. However, founders do not have the time to juggle the challenges of strategic public relations and create a winning PR strategy while managing their critical business operations. Which is where a focused agency like OOKII Company comes in, nothing excites OOKII more than getting to work with a motivated start-up team who share common goals and together we are mutually energized to achieve what some will say is the impossible.

First published by Adrian G Stewart at OOKII.Company

Adrian G Stewart

Adrian G Stewart

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