Using Facebook to Reach your Audience

Here are three simple yet effective ways to reach potential customers using Facebook.

Direct Targeting –  Say you are selling, motorcycles, you can simply connect directly to 885,000 people on Facebook who ‘like’ motorcycles. While this is somewhat obvious and simple it is a luxury that has only become available to people on this generation.

Indirect /Competitive Targeting – You can use your competitor’s presence on Facebook as a great place to advertise your product. Make it clear the superiority and added value that your product/service offers over the competitors and attempt to lure them from the ‘dark side’.  They don’t just have to be fans of your competitors for you to target them, Facebook has groups like ‘Adidas Sucks’ which might be an edgy place for Nike to start to advertise their latest product line.

Inferred Targeting – This one is slightly harder to explain and even harder to use effectively. It involves using generalizations or stereotypes which can be risky but can also be a great away to attract new customers. For example if your selling firearm accessories you can target the Facebook group ‘I love guns’ (Direct Targeting), you can target the Facebook group ‘I love bow hunting’ (Indirect Targeting) and you can target ‘Republicans’ or members of the ‘I hate Hippies’ group.

Adrian G Stewart

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Adrian G Stewart


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