The Powerful Role of PR in Recruitment

Just as consumers value user experience and reviews as part of their shopping process. Prospective employees use reviews and opinions on the web as a primary source of information when forming an opinion about an organization. If you want to present your organization in a way that attracts top flight talent then you need to become proactive. Here are some suggestions.

One way to get started is to find and track opportunities to discuss industry trends, challenges and projections for market activity. Create an editorial calendar of upcoming features. Provide incentives and recognition to knowledgeable employees who contribute an article. Commission research and share the findings, encourage senior staff to be keynote speakers at an industry conference. Provide staff with professional support to develop speaking skills and outsource slide preparation.  People want to work for organizations which are innovative and forward thinking; exposure in publications and at events provides an excellent opportunity to position your organization as dynamic thought leaders.

Walk the talk. Whether it’s through social media or company ambassadors, one of the most effective ways to communicate what it’s like to work at the organization is through current employees and alumni.  Generate appropriate content, stories, images and video, of company events, special occasions and day to day affairs. Key suppliers and customers can be encouraged to participate and help paint a bigger more complete picture.

Engaging in the local community, making employees feel appreciated and proud in their communities is a powerful tool. Collaborating with associations and institutions that may benefit from the organization’s expertise or people power on a volunteer basis is attractive to many candidates. It doesn’t have to be on a grand scale. Simply giving employees an opportunity to help with reading skills at a local school can make a significant contribution. Your future talent are increasingly focused on working for organizations who are ethical and display a commitment to their community.

Manage your reputation on employer review sites. At some point, you’re bound to receive poor reviews from former employees, on sites like Get in front of these reviews by responding to any negative information, putting opinions into context and presenting the company in a more positive light. Quite often, just the simple acknowledgement of an issue will diffuse the situation and demonstrates the organization is proactive about its reputation and acts with integrity.

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Adrian G Stewart

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