Just as we all thought we had seen the last of Harry Potter, Hogwarts and the wizarding world created by J.K Rowling it appears she may have one more rabbit in the hat. A website has been created (pottermore.com) with ‘coming soon’ scrawled across the center of the page.  If one is daring enough to click on one of the owls in either side of the page you are sent to a YouTube video that is a countdown to ‘JK Rowlings Big Announcement’. As I write this post there is just over 12 hours remaining.

The site was revealed when J.K Rowling sent out a set of co-ordinates to her followers, fans and recipients of newsletters that, when searched on secretestreetfinder.com, spelt out P.O.T.T.E.R.M.O.R.E. As a marketing tactic this is very smart as it really taps in to the mystery solving nature inside Potter fanatics.

The site and the YouTube video leave plenty to the imagination and with a set of fans like these that is probably a good thing…..

Watch this space!!

Update – the most credible story I have heard so far is that Pottermore will allow JKR to control the pricing and price of e-books derived from the Harry Potter series….

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